Harvey Shield 2011-12

NEW BOYS TO THE LEAGUE, CODICOTE',TAKE SHIELD in a thrilling final held at Potters Bar TTC on the 18th April 2012 see result below

This Shield is presented to the winning team and is played under a handicapping system where a team of three players from the same club are individually rated and drawn into groups against other clubs. Each team plays a normal match (without the doubles) using the old scoring system to 21 points. For full details of the competition and how to calculate the handicap points see the League's Handbook.

The handicap ranking for every eligible player will be placed on the web site later in the season

The draw in groups for the 2011/12 team challenge to beat the handicapper is shown below.

After the groups have been decided, the winner from each group will go forward, together with the best runner's-up to make a total of 16 teams for the knock out stages. Each stage will be randomly drawn.

Score cards to be submitted, preferably by e-mail, by the team drawn at home to Frank Sharpe (fas@ntlworld.com) asap. It is recommended that the away team also submit the score card. The score card is available here.

Please check the League Fixtures and Divisional Layout here or in your Handbook for the fixture dates; normally the home night of first team drawn.

	The result of Harvey Shield Final 2011/12 played at Potters Bar t.t.c. on the 18th of April 2012
Codicote5.5.....V.....3.5Shire Park

Draw made by our Chairman for the Semi finals were played by w/e 10th Mar 2012

de Havilland3.....V.....6Shire Park

RESULTS for the Q/Finals to be played by w/e 11th Feb 2012

Bricket Wood A2.....V.....7Shire Park
de Havilland5.....V.....4St Albans F
Codicote5.....V.....1Digswell B
Kings School A3.....V.....6Queenswood


	RESULTS for first round proper played w/e 21st Jan 2012
Digswell D2.5.....V.....5.5Codicote
de Havilland A1.5.....V.....6.5Shire Park
Kings School4.....V.....5St Albans F
Queenswood5.....V.....4St Michaels E
Adeyfield3.....V.....6Kings School A
Radlett A4.....V.....5Digswell B
Orchard3.5.....V.....5.5Bricket Wood A
de Havilland5.....V.....1St. Michaels D
Result of Match 4 stands

GROUP TABLES: Well played all. 6 drawn matches!! Kings School & St. Michaels D pipped St Michaels B for the final place. I would like to make draw for 1st round proper before Xmas! - DONE see above!

updated pm 21.12.11Pl.W.D.Legs Games .. Pl.W.D.Legs Games .. Pl.W.D.Legs Games  .
Queenswood33042.519.520.56.5W.de Havilland220261811.56.5W.Codicote32035301611W.
Orchard3203020198ru11Digswell D21028.517.511.56.5ru5Kings School31135.525.514.512.5ru2
Digswell C310293213.513.5..St. Albans G20013.530.5414..St. Michaels A31128.532.512.514.5..
Codicote A30023.530.5720..        ..de Havilland B31031351116..
        ..        ..        ..
GROUP 2       ..GROUP 5       ..GROUP 8       ..
de Havilland A32034.519.519.57.5W.St Albans F22034.55.516.51.5W.Digswell B33054.59.5252W.
Radlett A32136.531.51710ru7Kings School B2013?17?7.510.5.-3St. Michaels D32032.534.514.512.5ru2
St Albans C30229.534.51116..Welwyn2012.5?17.5?315..Bricket Wood C30124.543.57.519.5..
Radlett30112.532.56.520.5..        ..St Albans D30120.544.5720..
        ..        ..        ..
GROUP 3       ..GROUP 6       ..GROUP 9       ..
Adeyfield33042.525.5189W.St Michaels E33043.520.5207W.Kings School A33043.519.5198W.
St. Michaels B31036.534.51413.1Bricket Wood A32030.521.519.57.5ru12Shire Park31121.524.51512ru3
Towsend A31034391215..St. Albans H31025.538.510.516.5..Bricket Wood B31123.527.51413..
Harpenden B31029431017..Digswell A30020.549.5423..Harpenden C30024.536.5621..
        ..        ..        ..

Here at last are the Ratings for the Shield. The Handicap calculator is at the end of page.

AdeyfieldKen Stonebridge380::xx::Bricket WoodHoward Davies330::xx::CodicoteTom Parker306
AdeyfieldDave Wackrill367 Bricket WoodRussell Davies385 CodicoteLewis Andrews350
AdeyfieldJohn Fox350 Bricket WoodStephen Jones342 CodicoteAlex Kinchin-Smith350
AdeyfieldMark York500 Bricket Wood ABrian Hudson390 CodicoteNick Bayston150
AdeyfieldMike Boardman422 Bricket Wood AKwee Chin307 CodicoteShaun Thomas270
AdeyfieldNigel Finn333 Bricket Wood AAllan Dennis249 Codicote ASimon Bayston68
... Bricket Wood ARoss McFarlane292 Codicote ARussell Jones90
... Bricket Wood BIan Dimbylow200 Codicote AAlan Williams101
De HavillandMarc Robinson329 Bricket Wood BMark Shine250 Codicote AMike Kilner121
De HavillandChris Wade300 Bricket Wood BStephen Finch283 Codicote AZac Broad1
De HavillandJames Swede367 Bricket Wood BRichard McFarland293 Codicote AMark Knapper1
De HavillandSteve Sullivan319 Bricket Wood CJack McCormack108 Codicote AGary Ward68
De HavillandRoy Wilson275 Bricket Wood CNick Alwyn253 ...
De Havilland APeter Sharpe239 Bricket Wood CGeorge Handley75 ...
De Havilland AJohn Stock279 Bricket Wood CMike Gardner258 ...
De Havilland AColin Grieves264 Bricket Wood CClive Bailey97 ...
De Havilland ADuncan Sayle244 ... DigswellKofi Amoah369
De Havilland BMike Stott219 ... DigswellThamal Udamulla412
De Havilland BHugh Miles155 ... DigswellJohn Hirons339
De Havilland BJacky Chen92 ... Digswell AJohn Carpenter403
De Havilland BShahab Shirazi199 ... Digswell ABryan Clark292
De Havilland CRichard Hornsey142 DH ExilesKevin Fraher389 Digswell AGlenn Bassett392
De Havilland CRoger Gibbons186 DH ExilesDavid Wilson367 Digswell ABob Gibson358
De Havilland CNigel Noel75 DH ExilesBrian Gale353 Digswell AGordon Carlyle332
De Havilland CTom Latter175 DH ExilesAlan Shelford333 Digswell BPhillip Smith255
De Havilland CDavid Hayford168 DH ExilesPaul Nelson433 Digswell BPaul Cruse-Jungling161
De Havilland CBarry Collett164 DH ExilesDennis Robinson417 Digswell BDave Ratcliffe217
De Havilland CBob Thompson208 DH ExilesAlan Lamprell367 Digswell CBarry Camis275
De Havilland CJamie Nicholas75 DH ExilesDave Langham433 Digswell CFaith Frankel275
... ... Digswell CMichael Merryweather275
... ... Digswell CDave Cocks231
HarpendenPeter Yeoman405 ... Digswell DRobert Davies225
HarpendenDavid Lewis (1)300 OrchardClare Smith157 Digswell DSam Morgan242
HarpendenAndy Lewry411 OrchardSimon Winfield34 Digswell DGuy Wilson197
HarpendenRichard Hardy344 OrchardDavid Wesson68 Digswell DChris Davies182
HarpendenMarc Lyons450 OrchardGavin Johstone112 Digswell DNigel Howitt75
Harpenden ADave Westley265 OrchardAlex Breitenbach201 Digswell DFoad Saberian142
Harpenden ARaymond Cox358 OrchardDaniel Goldstein1 ...
Harpenden AHoward Collins292 OrchardMark Carveley157 ...
Harpenden BGraham Buck331 ... ...
Harpenden BMartin Corrie325 ... ...
Harpenden BTony Coomber275 ... St. AlbansIan Black473
Harpenden BTony Ward239 St MichaelsJeremy Hazlehurst411 St AlbansGlen Wilkes487
Harpenden BTony Weatherly265 St MichaelsBob Cummins356 St AlbansRay Powell500
Harpenden CGileng Salter68 St MichaelsTony Murrell500 St AlbansRichard Murrell490
Harpenden CAndrew Reading58 St MichaelsGary Morgan467 St Albans ADave Gomm317
Harpenden CMimi Bland45 St MichaelsRichard Anderson433 St Albans ARichard Hudson389
Harpenden CNigel Tuppen41 St Michaels AStuart Mylrea473 St Albans AAlan Jones356
Harpenden CRoy Roberts201 St Michaels ABob Adamson395 St Albans AGary Keers424
Harpenden CAlan Hamblin84 St Michaels ASteve Dobbins481 St Albans BAaron Mortimer380
... St Michaels ANick Hart433 St Albans BJohn Mccance447
... St Michaels AArron Beckett500 St Albans BMartin Livesey333
King'sAndy Reeves201 St Michaels AJimmy Walsh500 St Albans BClint Armstrong353
King'sIan Matthews163 St Michaels BLarry Gregory389 St Albans CAndrew Giles392
King'sJon Winbow123 St Michaels BPhil Evans348 St Albans CDavid Easey252
King'sClive Case201 St Michaels BMike McGarry380 St Albans CFrank Sharpe292
King'sMark Edmonds201 St Michaels BAbdul Rahim333 St Albans CJohn Seckerson368
King's ASteve Potts37 St Michaels BTom Carr400 St Albans DIan Thomas350
King's ASam Casley23 St Michaels BRoss McNiven386 St Albans DNaresh Magan283
King's ALouis Pike51 St Michaels CDave Baker369 St Albans DMike Harber283
King's AJamie Casley53 St Michaels CPeter Salisbury305 St Albans DDavid Edwards317
King's ANeal Casley1 St Michaels CAndy Knibbs385 St Albans EJim Brady142
King's ACardell Chang201 St Michaels CIan Hamilton320 St Albans EClare Rogers208
King's BCameron Lane54 St Michaels DAndy Hayes217 St Albans EMike Branscombe253
King's BMatt Gordon-Smith94 St Michaels DVadym Krevs328 St Albans EMichael Bailey208
King's BSimon Lane18 St Michaels DJames McGaughey239 St Albans FKeith Plumb242
King's BDavid Gordon-Smith45 St Michaels DSimon Mole277 St Albans FNick Fergusson208
King's BBen Skelley34 St Michaels EGordon Pearson201 St Albans FRoy Hurley186
King's BMic Cornell201 St Michaels EHarry Taylor182 St Albans FAdam Cohen-Rose142
... St Michaels ESam Glanz145 St Albans GRobert Flower143
... St Michaels EGeorge Withers68 St Albans GGerry Livesey179
Potters BarPhillip Shepherd358 St Michaels EGareth Stevenson168 St Albans GBarry Seckerson68
Potters BarLeo Couppis292 St Michaels EStan Carter1 St Albans GTony Black201
Potters BarPaul Glyde225 ... St Albans GTom Ephgrave121
Potters BarAndrew Boast325 ... St Albans HTom Black101
Potters BarReg Cheek278 Shire ParkJohn Spiers217 St Albans HJames Butler123
... Shire ParkBarry Donovan261 St Albans HElaine Tuit34
... Shire ParkHemant Patel150 St Albans HDamon Vallero201
QueenswoodTony Garrett217 Shire ParkMike Blake217 St Albans HBert Hewitt94
QueenswoodPeter Buzzard328 Shire ParkJohn Payfreyman261 ...
QueenswoodSimon Lee257 Shire ParkChris Smith200 ...
QueenswoodMike Symonds283 Shire ParkTim Steward283 ...
QueenswoodGraham Waddington167 ..  ...
... ..  WelwynNigel D'Arcy270
... TownsendDerek Holden172 WelwynBob Parker230
RadlettAlan Phipps269 TownsendDaniel Glynn206 WelwynTom Reeve255
RadlettPeter Groves336 TownsendNeil Peet217 Welwyn ANeil Baker142
RadlettAlan Marcus292 TownsendJamie Nunn183 Welwyn ASimon Walker142
RadlettPeter Bart258 TownsendRoland Standbridge283 Welwyn AMike Fitton142
Radlett ADave Curran108 Townsend AGordon Williamson142 Welwyn AMatthew Stone164
Radlett ABill Deem142 Townsend ARena Williamson119 Welwyn ALolli Olafsson222
Radlett AJohn Kimsey132 Townsend ADan Sanders142 Welwyn BAsh Chikhlia110
Radlett ABob Day142 Townsend AChris Tillin119 Welwyn BDharm Tanna146
Radlett APhilip Street86 Townsend AMike Busby186 Welwyn BAlan Walker134
Radlett AKevin Burgess75 Townsend AFrazer Wilson242 Welwyn BRichard Merryfield130
... ... Welwyn BAndy Reeve201
... ... Welwyn BKjartan Hlodversson134
... ..  Welwyn BCeleste Reeve1
... ..  ...
... ..  ...
.....Updated 16:15 22.11.11
For season2011\12
0 ~ 30
4 ~ 81
9 ~ 152
16 ~ 233
24 ~ 334
34 ~ 455
46 ~ 596
60 ~ 757
76 ~ 948
95 ~ 1169
117 ~ 14210
143 ~ 17211
173 ~ 20612
207 ~ 24513
246 ~ 28914
290 ~ 33915
340 ~ 39616
397 ~ 46017
461 ~ 500+18
Week ending November 26Harvey Shield Group Stage1 v 42 v 3
Week ending December 3Harvey Shield Group Stage3 v 14 v 2
Week ending December 10Harvey Shield Group Stage1 v 24 v 3

The draw for the 2011/12 Group stages is:

Group 11. Codicote A2. Queenswood3. Digswell C4. Orchard
Group 21. Radlett2. St Albans C3. Radlett A4. de Havilland A
Group 31. Adeyfield2. Townsend A3. Harpenden B4. St Michaels B
Group 41. St Albans G2. Digswell D3. de Havilland4. WITHDRAWN Harpenden A
Group 51. Welwyn2. Kings School B3. WITHDRAWN Harpenden4. St Albans F
Group 61. St Albans H2. St Michaels E3. Digswell A4. Bricket Wood A
Group 71. de Havilland B2. Kings School3. Codicote4. St Michaels C
Group 81. Bricket Wood C2. St Albans D3. St Michaels D4. Digswell B
Group 91. Kings School A2. Bricket Wood B3. Harpenden C4. Shire Park